About Baolite Shoes

Taizhou baolite Shoes Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982, since the establishment, we have been providing competitive footwear products to the world. The company headquarters is located in the beautiful coastal city of Wenling, running 13 advanced shoe production line with more than 2000 experienced employees, average annual output of over 7 million pairs of shoes, has made an important contribution to the local employment and tax revenue.

R&D and Manufacturing

Providing products that meet customer needs, and cooperate with customers to enhance the efficiency of manufacturing, is a fundamental mission of the company. Our R&D Center is designed by a team of more than 60 experts and shoe masters, currently serving Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Payless, BATA and other famous customers to provide quality products and development services.

Meanwhile, we always try innovations in products by introducing many product development and manufacturing technologies such as auto-Lofting calculation system, automatic cutting system, auto thread trimmer ROM carts, and further improve the overall efficiency of the company.

Quality Assurance

As an OEM factory specializing in foreign trade, quality assurance is our most basic requirements. We set up a dedicated quality assurance team and standardization of management process to manage the whole process of order processing, strive to ensure that each order’s delivery quality can be guaranteed.

In terms of quality management system, started in 1999, the company established its QA system in accordance with the requirements of ISO9000 standards and certified. After more than ten years, we regularly carry out internal audit, implement corrective action plans of each non-comforms timely, thus to continuously improve the company’s quality assurance capabilities.

In aspect of quality testing technique, the company invested in professional in-house Labs referencing international standards. Both the quality of materials and finished products are sent for internal testing under the guidance of a standard process, further enhance the QA level.

Customer Audit & Certifications

Customer audit and certification program is customer knowledge of company management standardization and basic means of compliance. Since 1999, the company in accordance with national standards and international norms, has established and adopted the ISO9000 quality management system, ISO14000 environment management system and ISO18000 occupational health and safety management systems and performance management system certification program.

In terms of customers audit, the company adhere to the “customer-centric” principles and continues to invest. We set up a full-time factory work group to meet the audit requirements of customers. In the past few years, successfully passed the “Carrefour, and Payless, and BATA, JcPenny, and Kohl’s, Macy’s, and GU” customer audits of projects.

Human Resources Management

“People-oriented, humanistic management” is the company’s basic principles of human resource management. Company’s quality, cost, delivery and profitability are inseparable from the human subjective initiative. These are the core competitiveness of the company.

In the past more than 30 years, led by the corporate culture of “honest, responsible, pragmatic and innovative”, we trained batch after batch of elites by adhering to “Known to good use of & Learning from each other” concept of employment. Providing a strong guarantee of the company’s development.

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